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The Comité paritaire des boueurs de la région de Montréal is responsable for monitoring and ensuring compliance with the decree. It must also inform employees and employers about the working conditions in the decree so that unfair competition is avoided.


On September 17 1980, following a joint request from l’Association des Entrepreneurs en Service Sanitaire du Québec, l’Association patronale des Eboueurs de Montréal Inc., l'Union des chauffeurs de camions, hommes d'entrepôts et aides, local 106 and le Syndicat des Vidangeurs de la Rive-sud Inc., the Government of Quebec adopted the decree in the solid waste sector.

The employers and union parties having been designated, The Comité paritaire des boueurs de la région de Montréal was formed. A board of directors was created, and they hired a general manager, two inspectors and an administrative assistant.

The decree extends to the territory covering the administrative region of Montreal including the sub-regions St-Jean, Beauharnois, St-Hyacinthe, Montreal Metropolitan, Richelieu, Joliette, and Terrebonne.

Board of Directors

Employer representatives

  • Leo Daddario, Réseau Environnement
  • M. René Sylvestre, Réseau Environnement
  • M. Jean-Francois Pelchat, Réseau Environnement

Union representatives

  • Jean Chartrand, Teamsters Local 106
  • M. Alain Michaud, Teamsters Local 106
  • M. André Gingras, TUAC Local 501